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IRIS DEL MAR rent a villa Playa Blanca Lanzarote

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  • 13 Cocina 1
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  • 17 Baño abajo 1
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  • 24 Baño arriba 1
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  • 26 Terraza superior 1
  • Salon 0
  • 4 Exterior 4
  • 5 Exterior 5
  • 6 Exterior 6
  • 14 Cocina 2

For Rent - For Rent

Iris del Mar is an apartment located in front of the Playa Blanca promenade, on the corner of the residential Iris, with views of the sea and Fuerteventura, 700 meters from Marina Rubicon.

Capacity; 2/4 people.

It is a duplex-type house, with two terraces and a balcony. On each floor there is a double bedroom and a bathroom.

The terrace is oriented to the south west and from it you can see the sunset.

It is equipped with everything you need to enjoy your stay; television, wifi, hair dryer, washing machine, dishwasher, sun loungers and beach towels.

It also has a community pool.


- From November 13, 2020, all national or foreign tourists over the age of 6 must have a PCR or negative antigen test done 72 hours before arrival at our home. They can send it by mail before arriving. Keep a copy.

– All tourists must download and keep active during their stay and 15 days after their return, the mobile application for the alert of RADAR COVID infections.

– If the visitor is a Canarian resident or not yet has arrived in the Canary Islands prior to November 13 and has stayed more than 15 days in the Canary Islands and wants to access a property as of November 13, they must sign the responsible declaration that We have sent them and no test is required. They can also send it by mail. Keep a copy.

– The Decree requires that visitors or residents who have to sign the responsible declaration justify their stay for more than 15 days on the islands, therefore, they must be asked for documentation that justifies it and keep it (copy of the passage stating the date of entry into the Canary Islands, for example, a copy of the passport or any other means that verifies entry into the Canary Islands).

– If the visitor cannot justify the stay of 15 days before November 13, they will have to present PCR or negative antigen test in the VV.

– Children 6 years and older have to take the tests. In many media they say that those under 12 do not have to do it and those under 6 are those who do not have that obligation.


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